Make your bed the safest place from bedbugs

  • Stop Bedbugs Permanently with the GoodKnight Bed!

    For home and commercial use. 

    Now available for purchase.

    Limited quantities available. Call 514 422-8457

    Kills bedbugs where they are found most, protects you while you sleep, acts as a bedbug alarm, pesticide-free and can save you thousands.

  • Bedbugs & Other Insects

    Dust Mites

    Mold & Bacteria



    95% of bedbugs hide in the bed. One simple heat-treatment with the GoodKnight, and you're already 95% done! More> 

  • Testimonials


    Canadian Forces now defended by GoodKnight. The Canadian Military is among our first clients to start using GoodKnight technology. More>

Looking for an affordable pesticide-free solution to bedbugs?

Get rid of bedbugs with the GoodKnight Bed!

The GoodKnight is the only bed that gets rid of bedbugs. It offers a simple way to heat-purify your mattress and bedding, making your bed the safest place from bedbugs, dust mites and germs. Sleep in the total comfort of a heat-purified bed.

Why GoodKnight?

  • Lets you take matters into your own hands
  • Kills bedbugs immediately
  • Saves time and money
  • Safe & pesticide-free
  • The only permanent solution to bedbugs and other bedtime pests


We slept with bedbugs to test the GoodKnight

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