How to Avoid Bedbugs

Spying a beautiful mattress abandoned by the roadside near her home, Nadia did not take it as a warning. It looked clean and relatively new, so she took it for her apartment. She lugged it up the steps, into her home in the Montreal Plateau, dragging it towards her bedroom. Then she happened to glance down and notice the felt marker writing, scrawled on the back-side of the mattress: BEDBUGS!

Bedbugs can be found in many places of transience, such as hotels, hospitals, residences, airports, and movie theatres. It only takes one bedbug to start an infestation, and it is much nicer to avoid bedbugs than to deal with an infestation. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t bring the buggers home.

  • Make sure not to pick up any bedbug infested materials such as used furniture or electronics. Inspect items carefully before bringing them into your home. It is not advisable to pick up used mattresses.
  • Check the for bedbug reports before choosing your hotel or appartment.
  • Inspect hotel beds for signs of an infestation, such as clusters of small black spots around the seams, before sleeping in them.
  • Keep luggage away from the bed and floor when staying somewhere that may be infested. Luggage may also be protected by placing in a garbage bag, tied shut.
  • When returning from travels, do not bring backpacks and suitcases directly into the house. Bag items before taking them in. Any materials that can be machine washed or dried, wash them hot, and/or place them in the drier. Depending on the material, some bags and suitcases can be cleaned with a steam cleaner.
  • The GoodKnight self-sterilizing bed is designed to kill any bedbugs that you might bring into your bed.
  • The steps in “How to Kill a Bedbug Infestation” also help with preventing bedbugs.

The next sections go into more details about avoiding bedbugs when travelling, when you get home, or when looking for a new apartment.

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