How to Kill a Bedbug Infestation

diy bedbug controlMost sources will say you can't kill a bedbug infestation on your own, and to just get an exterminator to deal with bedbugs. But sometimes, calling in an exterminator just isn't the route you want to take. Maybe you're on a tight budget, or you don't want pesticides in your bed. Well I have good news for you: you can get rid of bedbugs by yourself, and I will guide you through the steps of DIY bedbug control below.

But first, a quick warning. Getting rid of bedbugs requires persistence and thoroughness. Be prepared, because they will not leave without a fight!

Secondly, DIY bedbug control has gotten a bad rap due to cases of people misusing pesticides, or extreme cases of people setting their houses on fire. The steps outlined below are safe, and do not present a fire or health hazard if done right. Nonetheless, use discretion when performing these steps.

Are you ready to kill a bedbug infestation? Without further ado, let's start with an acronym to help you remember the steps to eliminate bedbugs: KNIGHT

Keep calmAssess the situation and avoid spreading the bedbugs.

NeighboursIf you have attached neighbors, you will need to secure your perimeter.

Isolate your bedPrevent bedbugs from climbing into your bed. 

Get out the big Guns(the GoodKnight bed is the biggest gun!) Sterilize the bed and other infested items.

Hold onBe persistent and follow-up with scheduled treatments to keep the bedbugs at bay. 

TrackKeep monitoring to make sure that the infestation is over, and to prevent a resurgence of bedbugs.

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