Bedbugs are jerks. This Bedbug Survival Guide was written so that, with some work, you can finally stop thinking about them, and get back to your normal life. That said, bedbugs make for terrible roommates. They crawl into your bed uninvited, they infest your furniture, your belongings, your living space, and even begin to infiltrate your thoughts, until every darned piece of lint looks like --and could in fact be -- a BEDBUG. Worst of all, they refuse to die. They are known to be extremely stealthy, hiding in cracks and crevices to avoid extermination, and emerging from clouds of pesticides unscathed. But we have some good news. It is possible to get rid of them yourself. There is life after bedbugs.

Three entomologists, Paul, Laurel and Tim Maloney, authors of the Bedbug Survival Guide So who are we, and why do you want to read our Survival Guide? We are three passionate insect biologists, and founders of the company Eco Bug Doctor. We have been solving pest problems for over 17 years, and doing it completely ecologically, without any chemicals. We are also the inventors of the GoodKnight self-sterilizing bed, the ultimate innovation against bedbugs. Over countless hours on the job, working in all sorts of dwellings, including some of the most infested locations, we became experts at exterminating bedbugs. We are choosing to share our tried and true expertise in this Bedbug Survival Guide because we believe everyone should be able to get rid of bedbugs without having to resort to using toxic pesticides. This is the reason why we started our ecological pest control company, and created the GoodKnight bed. So, without further ado, let's start with an acronym to help you remember the steps to eliminate bedbugs: KNIGHT

Keep calmAssess the situation and avoid spreading the bedbugs.

NeighboursIf you have attached neighbors, you will need to secure your perimeter.

Isolate your bedPrevent bedbugs from climbing into your bed. 

Get out the big Guns(the GoodKnight bed is the biggest gun!) Sterilize the bed and other infested items.

Hold onBe persistent and follow-up with scheduled treatments to keep the bedbugs at bay. 

TrackKeep monitoring to make sure that the infestation is over, and to prevent a resurgence of bedbugs.


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