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hotels, residences, housing associations and other institutions can prevent bed bugs

Even the best hotels, residences and housing associations need to consider bed bug solutions, and GoodKnight has an offer that's hard to beat! Here's why:

GoodKnight products use a unique combination of heat-treatment technology and trapping to create a solution that is better and cheaper than any other pesticide or heat-treatment service available.

GoodKnight is ideal for organizations that manage multi-unit housing, such as residences, hotels and dormitories, since these places are at high risk of recurring infestations. Equipping your building with GoodKnight technology will let you deal with emergencies immediately, or even better, prevent problems before they occur!




bed bug heat treatment and traps built into a bed frame

Bed frame with heater and traps built in.

get rid of bed bugs with heat treatment technology    heat-treatment built in

stop bed bugs in their tracks with trapping technology    traps built in



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