Q: What is a GoodKnight™ bed?

A: The GoodKnight™ is a self-sterilizing bed that protects its user from bed bugs and prevents the spread of bed bugs. Read more here.


Q: Is the GoodKnight™ a special mattress or mattress cover?

A: No. The GoodKnight™ is a bed frame that fits standard size mattresses. You can keep your own mattress to use on the GoodKnight.


Q: I have a bedbug infestation? How will GoodKnight help me get rid of bedbugs?

A: The GoodKnight can be used to battle a bedbug infestation, by killing bedbugs in the bed, and in the surrounding home. Use the GoodKnight heat purification to reclaim your bed, and the GoodKnight's built-in defense system will take care of the rest, by luring any remaining bedbugs to its traps. If you live in an attached dwelling, the GoodKnight will be very helpful, but keep in mind that you must take additional steps to prevent bedbugs from coming in from your neighbors. We have created a free guide to show you how to do this "GoodKnight Survival Guide".

Q: I travel and want to prevent bringing bedbugs home. Can GoodKnight stop bedbugs from infesting my home?

A: Yes. It is common that people pick up bedbugs inadvertently when travelling. We recommend that you put your luggage in the GoodKnight after returning from a trip. The GoodKnight heat purification will kill all bedbugs that might have hitched a ride, and stop them from spreading into your home. (see the "Travel" section of the Bedbug Survival Guide for more on how to prevent bedbugs when traveling)

Q: What temperatures do you need for killing bedbugs? How hot does the GoodKnight get?

A: Heat is known to be very effective against bedbugs, and can kill all life stages of the bedbug, including the eggs. Temperatures above 49ºC (120ºF) will kill bedbugs in less than 1 minute. The GoodKnight™ uses convective heat to bring the mattress and bedding to temperatures above 50ºC (122ºF) for at least 20 minutes. The treatment is safe, being no hotter than the clothes dryer and effective, killing all bedbugs within the enclosure. See also the "Pest-killing temperatures" chart.

Q: How long do I need to use the GoodKnight™ to get rid of a bedbug infestation?

A: The expected time is 3-4 weeks minimum, with at least one treatment per week. Additional time may be needed depending on the situation. Once all signs of bedbugs have stopped, the bed can be used normally without further treatments. Keep monitoring the traps monthly so you can react quickly if new bedbugs are found. Examples of cases that may require additional treatment time or further measures to achieve complete control include dwellings with chronic neighboring bedbug infestations, cases where bedbugs are dispersed throughout the living environment, extreme infestations and cases where instructions in the GoodKnight™ user manual are not properly followed (see "Troubleshooting" section).

Q: Do I need a GoodKnight™ for every bed?

A: Yes, the GoodKnight™ prevents and eliminates bedbugs for the user, but not for people sleeping in unprotected beds. If your home has a bedbug infestation, all beds are at risk of getting bedbugs. Ideally all beds should be GoodKnight beds to maximize protection for all users.

Q: What about bedbugs in the couch?

A: Bedbugs can survive in a couch if you sleep on it or spend lots of time there. While overcoming an infestation, avoid spending much time (especially at night) on furniture other than the GoodKnight. The intent is to lure bedbugs towards the GoodKnight, where they are promptly eliminated, and where you are protected.

Q: Can I assemble it by myself?

A: You may be able to (especially for twin or twin-XL size beds), but the GoodKnight™ is best assembled with 2 people.

Q: I have kids and pets. Is the GoodKnight safe to use around them?

A: The GoodKnight is pesticide-free, making it a choice solution for a healthy household. However, is important to read through the user manual in order to avoid misusing the product and prevent any possible danger.

Q: How frequently should I run a treatment cycle?

A: Please see the "GoodKnight Instructions" section.

Q: How does the GoodKnight™ kill bed bugs and sterilize the bed?

See: How does the GoodKnight work.pdf. A hidden panel at the base of the bed opens, and the heat chamber pulls out to be zipped closed around the bed. With the push of a button, the GoodKnight™ starts heating itself. The chamber reaches temperatures around 60°C (140°F) which kills all life stages of any bed bugs within the bed. The GoodKnight™ shuts off automatically after a heat treatment.

Q: What if there are bed bugs in the room?

Bed bugs only feed on blood. Therefore, bed bugs will sooner or later try to crawl into bed where they feed. The GoodKnight™ is designed such that there is no crawlable route into the bed except through bug traps. The user is both protected by the GoodKnight™, and acts as the bait for trapping any bed bugs in the room. Should bed bugs be carried into the bed on people or objects, they will simply be killed the next time the bed is heat purified.

Q: Does the GoodKnight™ work by itself to eliminate a bed bug infestation?

A: See: How does the GoodKnight work.pdf The Good Knight™ has been tested in homes with bed bug infestations, and has proven to be capable of eliminating bed bug infestations without combination with other control methods. Furthermore, users of the GoodKnight™ who were previously tormented by bed bugs report immediate relief from bed bug bites the first night using the device. The GoodKnight™ cycle of sterilizing the bed and trapping bed bugs trying to get into the bed acts as a constant drain on any potential bed bug population. When used periodically, the GoodKnight™ therefore both eliminates bed bug infestations and prevents any reoccurrence of bed bugs.

Q: Which hotels offer GoodKnight™ beds to their guests?

The GoodKnight is brand new and has not yet been implemented in hotels. We intend to eventually create a GoodKnight hotel registry so travelers know where they can be sure to find a good night.



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