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Hi Paul

Everything is great. I also “sterilized” my son’s mattress and have had no bites and good night’s sleep since you put the bed in. I think you’ve got a winner here!!!

Best regards




I was up very late one night, if you’re reading this, you know why – and I stumbled upon the Goodknight bed. I’d like to say this was our family’s first experience with bed bugs, but unfortunately it was not.

Three years ago we spent approximately $6,000 trying to get rid of them. This included chemicals, dogs, getting the whole house heat treated - twice, buying a new super hot dryer, ruining clothes in the dryer and throwing out a bunch of furniture.

This time, we went straight for the dog and streamed and dried everything the dog alerted to and much more. It was exhausting. Got the dog back a second time because I was still getting bitten (over a month later) and it still alerted to the same spots. We threw out our daughter’s bed and we were on the verge of throwing out our new expensive mattress (bought after our last infestation – that claimed it was bed bug resistant!), when I came across the ad for this bed.

I think I called that night at 3 or 4 in the morning and left a message, or I emailed, I can’t remember. Paul got back to me the next day. He was very friendly, understanding and explained the physics behind how the bed heats up and kills the little monsters dead!!! I liked hearing that part! Little monsters is my term, not his. He’s an entomologist and as a scientist uses the correct terminology for everything.

Given the fact that we had already been through this nightmare before, I was looking for something that could be used again. Hopefully it won’t happen again, but now I have my own killing machine.

It took longer than I expected, about 2 weeks, to completely get rid of the entire infestation (and our mattress was saved!). Paul and his staff were great and any question I had they answered immediately. We had a problem with one of the parts and they replaced and fixed it the next week.

I would highly recommend this company. It’s family run and they want it to succeed for all the right reasons. I’m sure they want their business to profit as they should, but they are also (and I think primarily) motivated to help. The bed bug problem is at epidemic proportions. If you are looking for a long-term solution and want to sleep soundly again soon – then Goodknight is the way to go.



 I did a heat treatment on some items that couldn't go in the dryer (many books, luggage, belts etc..) I also put in some garments that were delicate ( a gauzy felted scarf, some silk clothes and scarves, dressy outfits with gold thread). I removed the mattress to maximize space and did a full 3-hour cycle. I'm not sure if it needed to be three hours but I wanted to be careful. Everything came out fine and undamaged. Some of the softcover book covers curled just a touch, but no damage done.

The first time I struggled with the cover after the treatment was finished, but the second time was much easier.

Without the mattress in place, the bed is very roomy and can accommodate a lot of items. If we get bedbugs again I think I would use the bed to deal with our clothing right on the hanger, instead of removing all the clothes and tossing them in the dryer. It seems that the steaming and heat treatment of clothing is such an important part of getting rid of the bugs. We spent so much time just bagging clothes, taking them to the basement, drying them and tossing the used bags in the trash. This will save us all those steps because we can treat the clothes right in our bedroom and not worry about transporting bedbugs to the laundry area.

I hope this is helpful.



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