Face it, no one wants a bed bug infestation. Which is why we created our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds. An innovative and reliable way to keep bed bugs at bay and help you sleep at night.



Why did we create our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds? It’s about time you had a 100% non-toxic, long-term solution to the ever-increasing threat of bed bugs.

Magic? No—just science. The technology behind our beds is simple, but innovative. We’ve made it easy and effective for you, but difficult for the bed bugs.

Our beds have been quality tested and are the best in pest protection. Click through, and find out everything our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Bed has to offer.

“The GoodKnight Beds have helped with our customers confidence while staying in our hotel and our cleaners confidence when cleaning our rooms. The beds are stylish and look great! We have used The GoodKnight Bed for a number of years now and would recommend them to any hotel.”