Why did we create our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds? We wanted to provide peace of mind during a stressful situation and help you sleep soundly.



Our patented GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds are the only long-term solution to a bed bug infestation. Anyone can get bed bugs, and they are a growing concern worldwide. Beds are “command central” for bed bugs. Once they arrive, they are one of the most difficult pests to remove. They are relentless and can remain dormant for up to 12 months—long enough for you to think they are completely gone. We understand the nature of these pests, and until now, there have been no simple, safe, and permanent solutions to the problem.

Enter GoodKnight.

We don’t want you to spend endless hours and money on less effective methods. We re-imagined the traditional bed to provide long-term protection and the highest standards of hygiene. As the first and only self-sterilizing bed, our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds will protect you, your brand, and redefine the sleeping experience.