The technology behind our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds is simple, but innovative. We made it easy and effective for you, but difficult for those pesky bugs.


Bed bugs spend much of their time in dark, hidden locations, which is why mattress seams are the perfect spot for them to lay their eggs—and where we focused our attention. Our entomologists went straight to work and developed a bed frame that will sterilize your bed and keep you protected 24/7.


Our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds use gentle heat that is mild enough for bedding, but hot enough to kill bed bugs at all stages including, their eggs. The heat purification system also keeps germs and dust mites at bay. The zip and purify system works in tandem with a built in defense system to keep your beds pest free, using zero pesticides. All you need to do is release the heat chamber, zip it up, and with the turn of a dial, the purification cycle begins. Our entomologists know that bed bugs will always be attracted to where you sleep, which is why our system has strategically placed traps to catch any bugs not already nesting and will prevent further infestations.


We were so confident our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds would stand up to even the largest of bed bug populations, that we put them to the ultimate test. Entomologist Tim Maloney, released 1,200 bed bugs onto and around our GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Bed, then slept in it. The test was audited by the Department of National Defence as part of the Build In Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). The bed bug population was killed in nine days, with Tim experiencing zero bites and further proving the reliability of our patented system and convincing the Department of National Defence to invest in our beds for some of their base hotels. Click here to watch the test in action!