Our mission is to provide people with a long-term, safe and effective bed bug solution so they can live in dignity and with less stress.



Entomologists Tim, Laurel and Paul Maloney created The GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds in 2000 when Montreal bylaws were passed, banning the use of pesticides in homes. The Maloneys recognized a gap in the industry and sought to start a business built on ecologically-friendly pest control. It wasn’t long before the experiments began and GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds were born.

GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds is presently owned by Carla Coyle of C2 Custom Furnishings Inc., a female entrepreneur with a passion for helping people find easy solutions during difficult times. From a very young age, Carla has been enthusiastic about the environment, advocating for waste reduction services and a reduction in chemical use. She has over 20 years experience in wood manufacturing and is a Board Member of the Wood Manufacturing Council in Ottawa. This experience and her background in commercial furnishings lead her to discover an opportunity when the Maloneys were looking to sell their invention.

Since purchasing GoodKnight Bed Bug Control Beds, Carla has used her background in manufacturing to help move the creation of the beds from China to Canada. She hopes to partner with commercial clients worldwide, support the residential market and assist low-income housing and shelters in need.